Secret Benefits for Pro Members

Author: The Event Community

Date: Aug 31st 2022

Image Credit: The Event Community LLC

Secret Benefits for Pro Members

Image Credit: The Event Community LLC

Additional Pro Membership Benefits

Guess it’s not a secret anymore if you found this blog! We’ve designed our Pro Membership Plan with benefits that generously support business growth, while still being affordable for the average small business owner. After all, we understand that behind local businesses are real people who are pursuing their dreams and taking big risks. Knowing this, The Event Community exists as a supportive space for all event creatives and businesses alike, because navigating a personal and professional life in the event industry can be difficult, but you don’t have to do it alone. 

The Event Community platforms put small businesses first, and foster opportunities between:

Clients + Vendors

Vendors + Friendors (Vendor Friends you work with) 

Vendors + Friendors + The Event Community

When You Join as a Pro Member… 

You get access to the full set of features and priority placement for your Vendor Profile listed on our Memberships Page Here, PLUS additional opportunities for growth and business boosters that are listed below.

**These benefits are ever changing in tandem with current digital marketing trends, so that we are always offering the latest and greatest support. 

Pro Members Can Enjoy:

  1. Priority for Features Across All Platforms

    • With over 33,600 Followers on Instagram, 43,000 monthly views on Pinterest, 56,000 likes on TikTok, and our newly launched directory website, our community has been rapidly growing since our start in 2020. 

    • While Free Members are eligible for features, Pro Members are considered first and given priority for all features on our Website, Blogs, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, & Facebook.

    • Here are some special features that only Pro Members are exclusively eligible for: Website Home Page Member Spotlight, Community Creator Story Blogs, Instagram Live Interviews, Select Instagram Guide Features, TikTok Reposting, and All Pinterest Features.

  2. Free Advertising for Your Sales, Deals, Pop Ups or Events

    • Have a Giveaway, Pop Up Event, Sale, Seasonal Menus, or other Limited Time Special going on? Let us know by submitting our Advertising Request Form Here, and we’ll help you promote it for free on our social media and our email newsletters. 

      **Take advantage of this perk while it’s still Free! Advertising will remain free for Pro Members only until demand outgrows availability. 

  3. Private Groups for Business Growth

    • In these private groups, we will be sharing exclusive content (eye catching templates, trendy tips, tools, and resources) for business owners. Certain private groups, such as our Facebook Group, are a space for Pro Members to find opportunities with new clients or other friendors (vendor friends). When you become a Pro Member, you will be invited to these groups:

      • Community Connect Facebook Group

      • Instagram Close Friends

      • Pro Member Email Newsletter

      • Pinterest Secret Boards (Coming Soon)

  4. On-Site Vendor Visits & Custom Content Creation 

    • We love visiting your workspace and attending your events! Free Members & Pro Members alike, let us know about your pop ups and special events. For Pro Members only, if our team is available to attend your event, you are eligible for an Instagram Live Interview, Shout outs Leading Up to Your Event, and a Custom Video recapping our visit.

  5. Exclusive Discounts & First Looks on New Features

    • Pro Members will be the first to know about any new features, products, services, or events by The Event Community. We’ve got ideas brewing 😉

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How to Start Your 14 Day Free Trial as a Pro Member

Click Here to take a Visual Tutorial on How to Go Pro!

Step 1: Sign Up and Create Your Free Vendor Profile

Step 2: In your Dashboard, open your Vendor Profile Menu and find the Pricing Tab

Step 3: Click the button Upgrade to Pro, and select your Payment Schedule and proceed with your information. You will not be charged until your Free Trial ends, and may cancel anytime within your Free Trial period 

(Save on our Yearly plan! For a limited time, take 15% off and save $$)

Step 4: Go back to your vendor profile dashboard and start building your Vendor Profile with your new Pro Plan features!

**After you sign up for Pro, you will receive a Welcome email within 1-5 business days with instructions on how to access your additional secret perks listed above in this blog.  


We value all of our community members Free and Pro! By going Pro, you can better connect with other vendors in this community and access all of the business boosting features that we’ve designed to support local event creatives and businesses.