About Us

Author: The Event Community

Date: Jul 5th 2022

Image Credit: The Event Community LLC, Up in Lights OC, Bonkerz for Balloons

About Us

Image Credit: The Event Community LLC, Up in Lights OC, Bonkerz for Balloons

Get to Know Us!

How it Started

The Event Community is a startup striving to support small businesses in the event industry. It all began in 2020, when we realized there wasn’t a place to easily search and find local event services in your area. Instead, you would have to painstakingly research on multiple platforms, social media, or even ask your family & friends for recommendations just to find a single vendor. It shouldn’t be that difficult to find vendors, venues, or event services. Since it didn’t exist… we decided to do something about it! 

How it’s Going

We started this journey on Instagram - the hub that is currently being used by so many event creatives to promote their business. We’ve truly built this platform from the ground up, beginning with 0 followers on Instagram, not knowing if anyone would be interested in our initiative. Now, fast forward to almost 2 years later, we now have 32,000+ followers and are still organically growing! Taking it beyond Instagram, we’ve also collaborated in person and have met with so many talented members in the community. (Check out our fun collabs with the community Here ). A day doesn’t go by without being grateful for the love and support we receive for creating a platform that supports other creatives. After almost 2 years of growing on Instagram and multiple different efforts to build our online directory, we are so excited that you are here… right now… reading this…on The Event Community website that our team so thoughtfully built! Every button, format, and feature was made with small businesses in mind, and it is our promise to continue building with the intention to serve the community. 

What We See in the Future

As a startup, we still have so much more to grow! This is the beginning of our journey and we have many ideas brewing both big and small for what’s to come next. In the meantime, we want to hear from you! Please feel free to share your thoughts and feedback (both positive and areas of improvement) so that we can continue building this platform together and serve our community with the most helpful tools & resources. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to each and every one of you, for supporting our community of local event creatives. It is your following and support that allows us to continue doing what we do best - building a space that fosters growth, innovation, inspiration, and of course, community over competition.  

Contact Us:

Email: info@theeventcommunity.com

Based In: Southern California