2023 Award Show

Author: The Event Community

Date: Dec 31st 2023

Image Credit: The Event Community

2023 Award Show

Image Credit: The Event Community

In the bustling world of event planning, where every moment is meticulously crafted and every detail is a piece of the grand puzzle, The Event Community took a moment to pause, reflect, and celebrate excellence at the much-anticipated 2023 Award Show. With over 200+ different Southern California vendors, venues, and event services nominated, and an overwhelming 8,184 votes for the finalist nominees, the evening was a spectacular ode to the vibrancy and innovation that defines our event community.

With the click of a mouse, 8,184 votes poured in, shaping the destiny of the finalists. It was not just a vote; it was a nod of approval from peers, clients, and fellow professionals who recognized the hard work and dedication that goes into making every event memorable. The digital ballot became a symbol of unity, a shared appreciation for the outstanding contributions that define our industry.

And the Winners Are...

Amidst the anticipation and applause, the winners took center stage, each acknowledgment echoing the sentiment that in the fast-paced world of event planning, taking a moment to pause and celebrate is essential. From emerging talents to seasoned veterans, every winner stood as a beacon of inspiration for the entire community.

Congratulations to the 2023 winners! Watch our Award Show on Instagram HERE

  1. Event Planner of the Year - Hello Pretty Events

  2. Wedding Planner of the Year - Willow & Bloom Events

  3. Venue of the Year - Second Space OC

  4. Balloon Stylist of the Year - The Balloon Cart Co

  5. Florist of the Year - Daydream Florals

  6. Caterer of the Year - Antojitos Mi Sinaloa

  7. Dessert Caterer of the Year - Baked by Julie

  8. Beverage Caterer of the Year - The Thirsty Horse Mobile

  9. Event Rentals of the Year - What's Bouncing

  10. Photographer of the Year - Alyssa Hunter Photography

  11. Photo Booth of the Year - Tipsy Twins Photo Booth

  12. Signage & Stationery of the Year - Sips & Soirees

  13. Unique Event Experiences of the Year - The Candy Coach

  14. Rising Small Business of the Year - Pharaoh Photo Booth

  15. Community Member of the Year - Second Space OC

The Event Community 2023 Award Show was more than just an evening of accolades; it was a collective affirmation of the passion and dedication that fuels our industry. In the midst of glittering lights and jubilant applause, we celebrated not just the winners but the entire community, acknowledging that every event, big or small, contributes to the magic that defines us. In an industry where the next event is always on the horizon, these awards serve as a reminder of the impact our collective efforts have on creating unforgettable experiences. Here's to another year of creating moments that linger in the hearts of those who experience the magic we bring to life. Cheers to The Event Community!