Community Gift Box

Author: The Event Community

Date: Jul 22nd 2022

Image Credit: The Event Community LLC

Community Gift Box

Image Credit: The Event Community LLC

We had so much fun creating some custom goodies with our community partners in anticipation of our website launch. Each of our partners have unique products and services for parties and events, and we wanted to exemplify that in our gift boxes that we sent out to some of our community members. Let’s check out some of the items that we co-created with our partners to celebrate our launch!

Custom Branded Tossware Glasses  

We partnered with Tossware, because we think their glasses are such a smart solution for upscale drinkware at events. They are classy, shatterproof, and disposable without guilt because they are made from recycled water bottles, and you can 100% recycle them again. Of course, the coolest part is that they are customizable with your own designs. If you are not design savvy, you can also choose from their ready-to-go designs that are super fun for any event. If you are a business owner, check out their digital flyer to start ordering from Tossware Wholesale, so that you can get exclusive discounts and deals when ordering for your events. 

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Instagram: @tossware


Custom Branded Straws from the Holy City Straw Company 

We all know that events can generate a ton of waste, so we wanted to make a difference and show how you can lessen your footprint in the event industry with Holy City Straws. These straws are grown by mother earth and are 100% biodegradable. Not only are they good for the environment, but they also make sipping extra fun. Engrave the straws directly and/or customize the jute pouch that they come in too!

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Instagram: @holycitystrawcompany

Custom QR Code Sign & Keychain Phone Holder by PRIKRDO Laser Designs

We teamed up with Prikrdo Laser Designs to make some of our community members their very own QR Code Signs that scan directly to their Event Community profile. Prikrdo Laser Designs is a local community member based in Cerritos, CA and they specialize in all types of engraving, printing, and signage for all occasions. Take their Keychain Phone Holder as an example of the UV Printing they can do on acrylics. They did a fantastic job engraving our custom QR Code Signs and printing our custom Phone Holder Keychains. Click on their information below to book them for your next party or event!

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Instagram: @prikrdo.laserdesigns

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Custom Candy by The Candy Coach

If you are not already familiar with our fellow community member The Candy Coach, then you are in for a sweet surprise! We worked with them to give our members a sample of the custom candy that can be served at events. The Candy Coach serves candy in all sorts of creative ways including their mobile Coach on Wheels, Carts, Stations, Machines, and more! At an event, guests will be given a cup just like this to fill up with custom candy that matches the event theme. The Candy Coach serves all of Southern CA and is based in Long Beach, CA. Check out all the ways that they serve candy and book them for your next event to treat your guests with a uniquely sweet experience. 

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Instagram: @thecandycoach

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A huge thank you to all of our community partners: Tossware, Holy City Straw Company, Prikrdo Laser Designs, and The Candy Coach. Custom shatterproof drinkware, eco-friendly straws, custom signage, and a unique candy experience… any of these will absolutely give your next event that extra oomph to excite your guests.