Hispanic Heritage Month: Pops of Magic

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Date: Sep 26th 2023

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Hispanic Heritage Month: Pops of Magic

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Hispanic Heritage Month is in full swing this September!

Hispanic Heritage Month is a significant month where we come together to celebrate, honor, and embrace the diverse and enduring legacy of Hispanic and Latino communities.

To join in on the celebration, we are casting a light on a driven entrepreneur, Jennifer Cabrera, the Owner & Founder of Pops of Magic, based in the San Fernando Valley, CA.

During this Q&A session, Jennifer delves into her humble beginnings and cultural roots, explores her drive in both her personal and professional life, and shares her insights on the vital role of cultural diversity and community in the world of entrepreneurship.

Jennifer, how about we kick things off by letting our readers in on your fascinating backstory, the rich tapestry of your cultural heritage, a sneak peek into 'Pops of Magic,' and the enchanting services it brings to life?  

Hello, thank you for stopping by to read a little about me! I am a Los Angeles native, and my roots are from the smallest country in Central America, El Salvador. The foundation of my small business is my Paleta cart, which offers a diverse range of frozen treats, catering to guests of all ages. We've come a long way since its debut in 2021; we have added a variety of services such as balloon styling, cotton candy, picnic styling, and so much more. Our goal is to be known as a one-stop shop. We'd love to add that extra pop to your next event.

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Jennifer, would you be kind enough to share the story behind the inception of 'Pops of Magic'? We're eager to hear the fascinating origins of your business journey.

The beginning of my small business is similar to many; it all began around Covid time. I used to be an assistant general manager for Claim Jumper Restaurants. Like most food establishments, they temporarily closed. I spent most of my time with my infant son and quickly realized that in life, money isn’t everything. After working for Claim Jumper for 15 years and spending all my holidays away from my children, it was time to slow down a bit and figure out a different source of income to provide for them. I quit my full-time job, and that’s how Pops of Magic came to be!

Launching a business takes so much grit and determination! Can you tell us about the toughest hurdle you've faced as a business owner? (Optional: Were there any unique challenges you faced as a Hispanic entrepreneur, and how did you navigate through them?)

Having a small business comes with many challenges. Being a single parent and trying to grow my business is one of them. My brain is always thinking of the many ways or things I can add to my business to help provide for my kids, and it’s difficult because I have to figure out how to do it without sacrificing my time spent with them. Another challenge that I just had to encounter is being a one-person "show". I was recently hospitalized, and that weekend had 3 events. It was so stressful trying to manage everything from a hospital bed. Thankfully, my parents and sisters came to the rescue and made sure my events weren't affected by my absence and made sure they were a success!

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What guidance, advice, or words of wisdom do you have for aspiring Hispanic entrepreneurs eager to embark on their own entrepreneurial journeys?

My biggest advice to anyone aspiring to start a small business is to be persistent and trust yourself. Don’t give up, and be patient because as they say “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

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As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month in the events industry, what message would you like to share with our audience about the importance of cultural diversity and community within entrepreneurship?

We are lucky to have a nation made up of different cultures and needs. It's important to remember that in this entrepreneurial journey, there is room and growth for everyone. The only way to achieve success is by practicing community over competition.

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Throughout your career, have team members, friends, family, or other friendors significantly helped you? Take a moment to acknowledge and thank them here! 

My sister, Yami, has always been my number-one supporter! Words can't express how grateful I am for her. Recently, I also connected with Jorge from @creativefloraldirector_bw. In the short time we've known each other, he has helped me secure many events, including my first significant corporate event where over 700 popsicles were served. It was all thanks to him!

We express our profound gratitude to Jennifer for dedicating her time to share her heartfelt story with us during this National Hispanic Heritage Month Q&A session. Your journey and insights serve as an inspiration to us all! We look forward to continuing this celebration of Hispanic Heritage throughout this meaningful month and beyond.

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