How to Get Featured

Author: The Event Community

Date: Jul 7th 2022

Image Credit: The Event Community LLC

How to Get Featured

Image Credit: The Event Community LLC

We Help Businesses Be Seen

Running your business while juggling Social Media at the same time can be tough, we completely understand. We all know how powerful social media is, and how it plays a key role in getting your business seen. Our mission is to support small businesses in the event industry, so our team at The Event Community takes extra care to build our own social media platforms in fun and creative ways, so that we can help businesses in the community get the recognition and exposure they deserve. 

Our Audience

Instagram is our favorite social media. Here, we engage with 32,900+ Followers (a number that consistently grows) and have made more than 2 million impressions with our shared content in the past quarter. Whether these numbers seem like a lot or a little to you, the quality of our followers is especially valuable. Our audience is concentrated in Southern California, and consists of two main groups: Small Business Owners and Event Enthusiasts (AKA the average person throwing an event). Both groups are actively searching on our platform for new vendors, venues, and event services to book for their events. While our roots are with Instagram, we’ve recently begun expanding our efforts to TikTok and Pinterest , so that we can increase the number and variety of ways that businesses can get featured on our platform. 

How to Get Featured

Looking at our Instagram, we have a variety of talented vendors to discover, be inspired from, and to connect with. If you’d like to be featured on our page, here are a few things to consider before we can feature you and your business. Don’t fret! The rules are quite simple:

  1. Be an official member of The Event Community! 

  2. Tag our Instagram account (@TheEventCommunity) in your content to grab our attention. Here are the best ways to tag us:

    • Tag @TheEventCommunity in the actual post itself

    • Use #theeventcommunity in your post caption

    • Avoid tagging us in the comments (comments easily get lost and we want to make sure we see your work!)

  3. We highly encourage you to have an accurately labeled vendor credits list in your caption. Here’s an example of how a vendor credit list should look:

    • Event Planner: @examplebusinessname

    • Balloons: @examplebusinessname

    • Rentals: @examplebusinessname

    • Florals: @examplebusinessname

    • Catering: @examplebusinessname

    • Desserts: @examplebusinessname

What We are Looking for

  • High quality photos & videos

  • Clear depictions of your product/service

  • Clear display of the full event set up

  • Bright photos with a lot of light

  • Full images that are not outlined by borders or cropped for seamless carousel scrolling

  • Subtle filters and realistic editing

    • Avoiding unrealistic editing that overly distorts colors or the image itself

  • Easy to follow videos that are considerate to sensory sensitivity

    • Including but not limited to Photosensitive Epilepsy, Noise Sensitivity, etc. 

  • Content that embraces inclusivity, diversity, positivity, and Community Over Competition!

If You Are Selected for a Feature

We’ll notify you via DM’s, so keep an eye out! From there, your post will be added to the posting queue and uploaded within the next 1-10 business days. Until then, just sit back and relax…we’ll handle the rest! Please note, we do our best to feature a variety of the members in our community. While we wish that we could feature every member of our community, due to limited availability, we cannot guarantee features. If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to request removal of your feature, please send us a DM or contact us at , and we’ll be more than happy to help.


On and off social media, The Event Community is a space for local businesses in the event industry to have many opportunities for networking and growth. With every feature on The Event Community, you gain the likelihood of potential customers, create supportive connections with other local vendors, and share inspiration with other creatives. It’s all about Community over Competition! So whatcha waiting for… Sign Up, Start Posting, and Start Tagging Us @TheEventCommunity